Vote YES on Measure 9-161

Renew The Local Option on May 16th!

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The Local Option Keeps Our Schools Strong & Invests In Our Community

Sisters School District is one of the most successful and highly acclaimed school districts of its size in the state of Oregon. Not only for academics, activities and sports, but also for our community, parent and business support..



Tax Rate.

Sisters has the lowest tax rate in the area, even including the Local Option.



Sisters out performs other districts on State tests and graduates more students on time.


Let's Keep
It Going.

Our Sisters Community has renewed the Local Option since 2000.
Vote YES on Measure 9-161

This is not a new tax.

It is a renewal of an existing local option that has been in place since 2000.  A ‘yes’ vote to renew this levy will NOT increase your taxes.

The Local Option is different from the Bond levy.

Local Option fuels the Operating Budget and allows for classroom impact, e.g. smaller class size.  The Bond fuels the Capital Budget and can be spent only on capital projects such as buildings or infrastructure.

Sisters residents pay the LOWEST total educational tax rates and enjoy the BEST district in Central Oregon.

Sisters has the highest graduation rates’ and is ranked as the 13th best district in the entire state by Niche!

Local Option funds 10% of our annual operating budget.

Bond funds can’t be used for operating expenses.  Local Option is a key part of what makes our district so successful.

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